A Beginners Manual To Build A Vape Coils


build vape coils


So, what motivates someone to build vape coils in the first place?

Well, it’s an age-old debate and by now most of the vapers both novice and professionals, have collectively agreed to the fact that the freedom one gets to experience when building vape coils for a tailored vaping session is truly unparalleled. Initially, most of them have considered the procedures to build a vape coil to be extremely perplexing. But gradually, with the right knowledge and practice, they have realised the simplicity and advantages of this procedure. As a matter of fact, with the necessary accessories, the entire process can be executed in less than forty-five minutes even though you are a beginner. This procedure has attracted millions of people globally and they are willing to spend their time, money and energy in manufacturing the perfect vape coil to attain a customized vaping experience. 


What makes building a vape coil so exciting?

Building a perfect vape coil is a dream for plenty of vapers around the globe. Moreover, creating something from scratch and that too the crux of a vaping device has its charm in the world of vaping. Besides, gaining a customized vaping experience with massive control over the intensity and that too according to individual preference is a kind of freedom that has to be experienced.

The Working Of A Vape Coil

Typically, the vape coil is a thin wire that is closely wrapped in a spiral structure with an absorbent wicking material inside them. On triggering power from the device, heat energy is generated, which quickly gets shifted into the metal coil. Once it reaches the metal coil, the absorbed e-liquid, which is present in the wicking material transforms into appetizing vapour.

Choosing The Right Metal For Building A Vape Coil

Selecting the appropriate metal for crafting the perfect vape coil can contribute to the smoothness and intensity of the vaping experience. Nowadays, there are plenty of metals used to build a vape coil, but the most prominent ones include the likes of Nickel, Stainless steel, Kanthal, Titanium and Nichrome.  It is also essential to note that the superiority of a vaping experience depends on the diameter of the metal wire used in building the coil. The thinner it gets, the greater will be its resistance and vice versa.

What Are The Different Accessories Needed To Create A Perfect Vape Coil?

Several tool kits are widely available in the online and offline markets at different price ranges, and they are essential to forging a dynamic vape coil. These tools can certainly play a major role for amateurs by being an added advantage in their vaping journey. Although you can access them together as a tool kit, each and every tool can also be individually purchased according to preference. The indispensable tools consist of :

  • Resistance wires – are the primary material for making coils.
  •  Flush Cutters – are used for clipping metal wires.
  •  Screwdrivers – are used for coiling the metal resistance wires. You can also avail the help of a thin metal rod or similar objects to coil wires.
  • Ceramic Tweezers – are used to prevent short circuits and for grasping the coils during dry-runs.
  •  Scissors – for trimming away the excess cotton or any other wicking material.
  •  Ohm Reader – for gaining precise measurement of resistance

Let Us Now Explore the Comprehensive Procedures Involved In Building A Vape Coil.

build vape coils

  • The primary step involved to build a vape coil is to cut the metal wire for a length of about 6 inches. This length is necessary for you to realize the overall dimension of the coil size. To an expert coil builder, a maximum length of 4 inches is all that is needed to build a perfect vape coil.


  • After cutting the metal wire, you can now proceed to curl them uniformly around the metal rod, coil jig or screwdriver. While curling them, ensure that the end parts of wires are aligned parallel, and the wires themselves do not overlap each other.


  • Now unscrew the tank deck and install the curled vape coil into the vape device. Carefully slide the two ends of the metal coil inside the positive and negative terminals. After inserting them, calibrate the vape coil into the middle of the deck and tighten the screws.


  • After installation, we can use the help of the Ohm reader to check the resistance of the coil. This is crucial to detect any sort of short circuit in the connection. If any short circuit is detected, recalibrate the coil position and ensure that they are thoroughly attached to the two ends of the terminals.


  • Initiate dry runs and sort out any adjustments if needed regarding the coil placement. Now allow the coil to burn until it turns into molten gold and use the ceramic tweezers to get rid of any hot spots.


  • Let the coil cool down after the dry run and then thread a wicking material(cotton) to the coil. With the help of a pair of scissors or tweezers, fluff the ends of the wicking materials so that they can absorb the e-liquid into them. Cut off the excess wicking material that prevents the absorption of the vape juice.


After ensuring that safety protocols and other prerequisites are aptly followed, you can proceed to enjoy an exhilarating vaping session by using the perfect vape coil that was crafted with your own hands.




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