The Ultimate Guide to Prime your Vape Coils

Why prime vape coils?

After a week or two of using your vaporizer, the user would start experiencing a burnt taste, less flavour and decreased vapour production. It indicates the time to change your atomizer coil. Instead of simply filling the tank and screwing on the new coil, it is ideal to prime your coil before using it. This enhances the flavour of your e-juice and optimizes the vaping experience.

The process of pre-saturating the wicking material with e-liquid, prior to its first use,  to prevent it from overheating and burning is called priming. It establishes a uniform absorption and delivery of e-juice from the tank to the coil. 

How to prime a vape coil?

To prime an atomizer coil, all we have to do is follow the steps listed below.

  • Attach the new vape coil 

Replace the disposed coil with the new one by screwing it in its position, prior to filling the e-juice. This would prevent the e-juice spilling into your fingers as you have something larger to hold on to while pouring. 

  • Saturate the wicking material

This is the most important factor in priming a vape coil. Locate the juice hole where the wick makes contact with e-liquid, on the body of the atomizer head. In some coils we have a cotton stick out of the holes, whereas others have the wick behind them. In both cases wicking material is exposed and easily visible. For uniform saturation of the wick, add a single drop of e-juice in each holes. 

Later, saturate the cotton with the e-juice. The adequate amount of e-juice required for wick saturation is different for different vape coils. Smaller atomizer coil requires just a drop or two of the e-liquid, while substantially larger heads with tanks require more to accomplish perfect saturation. The saturation is acquired at the moment when the cotton stops further absorption. Immense care should be taken to prevent over-saturation that causes flooding of e-liquid into the user’s mouth. Our goal is to saturate the coil not to drench it!

  • Take some dry hits

Attach the tank to the battery after filling and reassembling it. Then to prime the vape coil, take 4 to 5 dry hits. Dry hit refers to the drag taken without activating the fire button of the battery. The process includes tightening of the air flow valve, covering the air intake hole with fingers and taking four or five normal drags. This ensures syphoning of e-juice from tank to the cotton. Be cautious neither to have deep or strong hits nor to take more than 5 hits as both of these cause flooding of coil. 

  • Break in the Coil

As the coil wire expands and contracts when heated and cooled, the practice of gradually breaking the wire is a good practice. Thus, the process of proper break-in of the new coil wire is a significant step in priming a vape coil. This is achieved by using the new coil at a lower wattage than your normal. Gradually increase the wattage, after a few hits, to your normal power setting. Taking shorter hits for the first 10 drags is also a good option as it prevents the wire from excessive heating at the start. Thus a proper prime of vape coil along with the cotton is achieved with a steady increase in wattage and puff duration. We aimed to give you the basic idea of vape coil priming. We have a collection of vape coils which we can buy online through our website.

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