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Choosing the Best Nicotine Levels

How to choose the right nicotine level in ejuice

Choosing the right nicotine level can be confusing if you are shopping at the best vape store Riyadh for the first time. Even if you might not notice nicotine levels in cigarettes, this is essential information for vaping if your goal is to quit smoking. After selecting the best- flavoured e-juice, you might be suddenly […]

Can E-Cigarettes Poison Your Pets?

Can vaping Poison Your Pets

Can vaping poison your pets? If you are an avid zarqa vaper with the cutest puppies and kittens living at home with you, this thought may have crossed your mind. Second-hand smoke from cigarettes is harmful to all living beings, but is vaping dangerous for pets too? There are many fear-mongering articles on the web […]

8 Celebrities Who Have Switched to Vaping

vaping celebrities

In recent years, many celebrities have decided to ditch cigarettes in favour of vaping. A Notable examples include Leonardo DiCaprio, Katy Perry and more. So, more and more celebrities are switching to vaping instead of smoking. List of 8 celebrities switched to Vaping Leonardo DiCaprio Johnny Depp Lindsay Lohan Katherine Heigl Katy Perry Sienna Miller […]

Is Vaping Different from Juuling?

is vaping different from juuling

Vape culture has taken over the world, and there is no going back, in this article lets brief is vaping is different from Juuling. If you want to buy vape in riyadh, there are plenty of options to choose from, ever since the government has legalized and placed an excise tax on it recently. Many […]

How to Vape as A Beginner

If you have recently decided to invest in a Riyadh vape, you might be thinking about e-cigarettes and doing a lot of research online. Your main reason might be to quit smoking traditional cigarettes. You probably even saw a video on YouTube where your favourite influencer kept puffing throughout while telling you how much healthier […]

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