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Vape Coil

For every tank or kit we sell, we also offer it’s original coils. Feel free to stock up on coil to extend your vaping pleasure.

These used in to heat your vape juice and create vapor. Atomizers are relatively simple in construction. Obviously, they are typically consisting of just a coil that is wrapped in wicking material. This material absorbs e-liquid. When vapor activate a device for use, these draw power from the battery to produce heat and vaporize liquid or nicotine salts.

Vape coil measures are ohms. Most personal vaporizer brands have their own selection of vaping coils with different resistance level options. By choosing different of these speficic items with specific resistance levels, you can further customize your vaping experience.

Coil with lower resistance will result in more vapor production when the device activated by, while vape coil with higher resistance will give off a cooler vape.

We recommend testing a few different resistance levels to find out which vape coil provide you with the most ideal encounter.

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